Another K-pop blog is definitely not what anyone wanted or asked for, but here I am starting one up anyway. I’m not too sure how this is going to go if I actually keep this up or if it’ll slowly die out after a week like most of my endeavours do. The main reason I’m starting this blog is to hopefully improve my writing abilities, as I’m planning on going to University (whether I actually get in or not is another question) so being able to form a coherent sentence and not have everything I type looking like a cat was just swung onto a keyboard always seems like a good ability to have, so why not do it in a way that I’ll (hopefully) enjoy?

I don’t know what the content of this blog will be I’m sure how to even start it, or even how to navigate this site, do I just start posting like I haven’t just joined this site 5 minutes ago or do I do some more introductory posts? Who knows? Not I. As of now, I think this site will mainly contain reviews of latest releases and whatever else is produced by my keyboard slamming.

I hope I actually keep this up as it seems like some interesting opportunities could come from it, thank you for reading I hope there’s more content to follow!


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