S.E.S Return And Deliver With Paradise, Not So Much With Remember

S.E.S have finally returned one last time the full album Remember – 20th Anniversary Special Album with two title tracks Remember and Paradise.

The first track that was released was Remember which left me slightly disappointed, it’s the typical fan dedicated ballad reunion track so I don’t really have much to say as I’m not a big fan of ballads because honestly, they bore me to death, thankfully this wasn’t the only title track so my interest sparked back up with the next release.

The real star of the show is Paradise, an upbeat new jack swing genre song which was popular in the 90’s with nostalgic elements, which doesn’t feel outdated due to the modern twists in the song bringing it into 2107 with out loosing the original S.E.S vibes. Accompanied by a Red Velvet reminiscent MV, my disappointment from Remember disappeared. I’m still not too sure how I feel about the rap verses but it ends up growing on me more and more with each listen, so it wont be long before I love it as I’ve been pretty much listening to this song on repeat.

I particularly like the aesthetic of music video the shots are very nonsensical and don’t really have a purpose other than just being nice to look but it’s a that job they do well at regardless.


Also Ryeowook’s The Little Prince gets a feature

And Eugene continues her rein as the top visual. I’d like to thank her hair, make-up and styling team for serving us these show stopping visuals.ses2ses6

The overall styling for both music videos is also great as they’re dressed appropriate to their ages, unlike other 1st gen groups that have reunited, giving a more mature feeling to the album.

Oh and they also released this music video which was just a kind of montage thing.

I guess it was kind of cute but also looks like a fan edit especially at the beginning with the Movie Maker like slideshow of the members teasers that just slowly and eerily slightly zooms into the members faces. But it is a Station song so I don’t think anyone was expecting high quality oscar award deserving pieces of cinematography anyway. The actual song was released around a month ago and is a remake of Love, with a slightly upped tempo and beat change.


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