AOA Return With Bing Bing & Excuse Me

Hey, AOA has returned with Angels Knock their first full album with double title (which seems to be a very popular choice lately) tracks Excuse Me and Bing Bing.

If jazz hands were a song they would be Bing Bing but with 80% more heys.

The superior song for this comeback was Excuse Me by a long shot, where Bing Bing was a bit of a warbling mess Excuse Me plays to the member’s vocals and doesn’t hurt as much to listen too. With the repetitive “excuse me ‘cuse me” it quickly sets in as an ear worm but with the potential to get annoying, and fast. But is soon saved by the break of Jimin’s rap which changes the pace of the song from the repetitive baseline. I didn’t initially like this song on the first listen but it quickly grew on me which I’m glad about as this is a comeback that I was anticipating good things for.

Another bonus about this song is the visuals of the music video, the private investigator concept that somewhat reminds me of T-ara’s So Crazy costume design but instead of sailing the 7 seas they’re private investigators with amazing visuals.


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