Uhm Jung Hwa Blesses Us With Her Long Awaited Comeback Watch Me Move & Dreamer

Uhm Jung Hwa has finally returned late last year with The Cloud Dream Of The Nine featuring dual title dance tracks Dreamer and Watch Me Move.

Watch Me Move is my favourite of the two tracks the icy dance beat fits Uhm Jung Hwa’s airy vocals perfectly. Starting with a psychedelic electronic intro to the song right up to the chorus is what had me hooked from the first note. The delivery of the lines during the chorus is also another notable feature, not over doing it with unnecessary vocals, which tends to be a common feature in a lot of songs but instead signing with a discordant tone that gives a somewhat desperate feeling but doesn’t grate on the listener’s ear.

The enigmatic allure of this song also translates to the music video which starts off rather drab and eerie, which, to me, looks kind of cult-esqe, it probably doesn’t to anyone else but oh well.


This look is instantly changed when the beat kicks in, and the contrasting lights, mainly used by colour gel filters, and choreography start to take place, which fits harmoniously with the song completing the otherworldly aesthetic this album possesses.


Another feature I like about this is the pictorial styling, using over the top beautiful accessories and make-up to make a statement and extravagant dresses that exhibit early Lady Gaga qualities.


As soon as Uhm Jung Hwa came into the shot I got instant Kylie Minogue and Madonna vibes, it’s a track that slowly grows on you with each listens. With slight tropical house elements, which kpop producers seem to love at the moment, which modernises the song but doesn’t overpower it, using a pop melody throughout the song with no drops and actual chorus’ instead of ones that just consist of one word repeated continuously. Uhm Jung Hwa’s light vocals are again catered to in this disco track, but also gives an almost detached feeling.

The colour pallet of this song is a complete contrast to Watch Me Move opting for more monotonal blacks and beige.


This is also the choreographer that worked with Twice’s Momo on Hit The Stage, just incase you wanted to know

There is also supposed to be a second part to this mini album with an additional 4 songs, one of which is featuring Lee Hyori but seeing as this is Mystic Entertainment we’re talking about who promised a similar double mini album released to Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain it’s a chance it won’t be happening at all and definitely not anytime soon.


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