NCT 127 ft The Girl From The Grudge Do… Something With Limitless

NCT127 are back with a new variation of their lineup for some reason. Releasing w performance ver and a ‘Rough ver.’ music video (whatever that means…) for their comeback song Limitless.

Limitless is, uh, unusual to say the least. The vocal based chorus (at least I think it’s a chorus who knows?) is what makes this something worth carrying the song though the mediocre and somewhat misplaced rapping. The song as a whole sounds disjointed the verses don’t seem to glue together as well as intended making the song sound rather messy. The girl from the grudge also makes an… interesting feature ,to say the least, making the song rather embarrassing to listen too. It’s not necessarily bad but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s good either.

SM are also fully utilising their 30 day Adobe trial


I really like this aspect of the music video the grainy retro element adds a throwback feeling but soon gets overused casting the incoherent aspect of the audio into the music video, at least they matched.nct1nct2nct3

The most tragic part, I think, is SM’s take on YG’s styling, I’d expect these kind of looks from Ikon as opposed to any SM groupnct4nct6nct9.pngnct7nct8



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