Shinhwa Comeback With EMD Song Touch

Shinhwa have returned with the final instalment of their two-part release, Unchanging which is their 13th full album, containing 5 songs from the first release Orange.

Shinhwa came back with Touch, a future bass song which is a relatively untouched genre in K-pop. Filled with synths and vocal glitching Touch makes for a great listen starting off with a mellow piano and soft vocals quickly evolving into a deeper more electronic sound leading up to the drop which is a substitute for the chorus. From what we see in the music video the choreography, which isn’t much at all, during these heavy drops doesn’t seem to live up to the fast pace of the music. Only really moving their hands it reminds me of that one time Shannon Williams went onto Radio Star and decided to show off her dance skills, except Shinhwa can actually dance. Choosing this as a title was quite risky but shows they aren’t afraid to experiment to keep up with the changing music landscape, and aren’t afraid to tackle new genre’s. Something about this song, to me, doesn’t sound quite right but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that sounds out-of-place, it may be the way the vocal and rap verses flow (or don’t flow) together but I really can’t tell. Either way this 18-year-old group continues to prosper on making their mark on 2017.

Basically concept for this song is Shinhwa are rich as hell so they destroy everything they touch for the pure fun of it, so get a restraining order. But don’t because they still want to slide into your DM’s.shinhwabreakingthings1shinhwabreakingthings2shinhwabreakingthings5shinwhabreakingthings4

My favourite aspect about this song is music video is the lighting. Although the two-tone colour technique is starting to get exhausted in K-pop it’s still a style I like very much and also enjoy using myself. If only mine looked as good as this though.shinhwatouch4shinhwatouch2shinhwatouch3

Who still even uses these?shinhwatouch5

This was part of the Shannon Williams inspired dance I mentioned earlier, I hope this screen-cap gives you an insight into what I meanshinhwatouch1


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