Sulli Continues To Troll Netizens With Latest Instagram Photoshoot

After Sulli enraged netizens for the first time in 2017 by posting this iconic picture

She’s become more of a ‘disturbed mental case that needs help urgently’ than usual, causing netizens take to Chozia’s Instagram asking to get her help, I don’t really know what she needs help for, living in England I see at least 10 types of images like this just walking around the town I live in for 5 minutes so I don’t the dramatic implications Korean netizens and wannabe-Korean netizens see.

Sulli’s most recent effort to troll is this photo shoot she posted to her Instagram featuring not only her ass but also a slight underboob. I can just hear the netizens ringing Seoul’s Bedlam equivalent from here.


The most disturbing thing about these images is that cat.sulliinsta8sulliinsta3sulliinsta2sulliinsta1sulliinsta6sulliinsta9



4 thoughts on “Sulli Continues To Troll Netizens With Latest Instagram Photoshoot

  1. Well, it’s not as tasteful as the ones Hyomin took for her Sketch album. But then again, Hyomin had a vision of what she wanted her album to be and she pulled off a classy, implied shoot.

    Sulli, well.. I can see she’s trying but her photos are quite dull to be honest. It’s like, you could replace her with any other pretty Korean girl and it’ll give the same effect. But I suppose that blame falls on her photographer.

    Oh well.

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    1. Sulli is just the model 100% the photographer organises everything the model has little to no input, it’s just a shame it’s a tragic photographer. The soft lighting is kind of nice though it suits Sulli’s tone but the main part is no one would feel so strongly about these images if it was any other than Sulli.


      1. Yeah. It reminds me of the shoot Stellar had for their Sting album:

        I wonder if they had the same photographer. Hmmm.

        If this shoot happened in USA or Europe, no one would take a second look. But because she’s Asian and had some issues with f(x), it’s blown out of proportion. *yawn*

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