Ailee (Or A.Leean) Releases US Debut Song Fall Back, Lets Hope She Pulls A CL

It was recently revealed via Instagram that Ailee was going to make her US debut under the unfortunate name A.Leean.

I was sincerely hoping for Ailee to do well and go down her newly discovered route of R&B following Home, as I think that style of song would work well in the American market seeing as the genre originated there. But apparently that was too much to ask as she instead released something that sounds like it fell off the Camp Rock soundtrack list. If I listened to this in 2010 I’d probably be slightly more interested than I am now for the simple reason that it’s outdated and extremely forgettable, I’ve listened to this 4 times and I have no idea how it goes as soon as I press the play button, I zone out, nothing is interesting about this which I’m genuinely disappointed about. From this I’m getting the feeling that she wants to debut as a faceless singer, like Sia did when her audience started to grow, to let her vocal ability gain an audience instead of her name, thus explaining A.Leean (pronounced as alien not ay lean remember), as only a lyric video is to follow this no actual music video. Or hopefully she’s just pulling a CL and is going to have another American debut in 6 months time with a completely different song. Who knows? Even an English translated version of Home would’ve been more enjoyable than this


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