I Debuts Solo With Easy Listening I Wish Which Features Tiger JK For Some Reason

WM the home of B1A4 and Oh My Girl debuted a new female solo under the stage name I.

For a debut song I think this is pretty good, it’s not Into The New World iconic but it’s also not going to be ending up on a TOP 10 WORST KPOP DEBUTS video on YouTube either it’s a happy medium. The song itself is very easy listening but quite forgettable, I think the Tiger JK’s feature was quite misplaced and pointless but probably a pull to get more listeners by seeing his name. A dance break would’ve more suited especially for newly debuted rookie being promoted as an all-rounder as the choreography we see during the music video is quite stale, but it lays a foundation for what she can improve on in her next release which is never a bad thing. Apart from the awkward English outro I really do quite like this song, will I come back to listen to this song in a few months time? Probably not, but I’m excited to see what she does next as I think she has a lot of potential.

They styling for this music video gives off a BoA vibes due to the late 90’s/early 2000’s styling, which was definitely intended. I mean who wouldn’t want their first female solo emulate one of the most successful and impactful artists in Korea? And the best way to do that is by reproducing the style they debuted with hoping it’ll pass onto you even if it is almost 20 years out of date there’s not harm in trying either way it’ll garner some publicity which is all that matters in the end, even though most people who are crowned ‘the second‘ of someone usually crash and burn but lets hope WM don’t try to play on that too much seeing as Boa’s career is alive and well so theres no need to try and replace her.


I think this styling suits her a lot more though.i14

As a whole I think this music video is really nice, it nicely follows the pastel aesthetic that has been popular for the past year and matches the song too which is always a nice bonus. I especially love the portrait shots the shallow depth of field paired with the soft lighting makes for a another great visual element.i1i2i9i10i6i7i13

The I subliminal messaging is real guys.i3i4i5i8i11

She’s also the little sister to B1A4’s Baro just incase you wanted some background information. I can’t wait to see what she brings out next.


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