CLC Pick Up Where 4Minute Left Off With Hobgoblin

Cube realised the mistake they made for disbanding 4Minute so they turned their existing rookie girl group into them to make up for the loss. It’s alright.

CLC made their comeback with a drastically changed concept image going from a more cutesy bright image to a girl crush darker concept, rather reminiscent of former label mates 4Minute’s Crazy and Hate. Hyuna also helped write this song which doesn’t really help with the differentiation of the two groups. The song in itself is EDM Trap starting off with a short group introduction and jumping straight into the chorus which is minimalistic with just one word repeated over and occasionally made into a sentence which can quickly wear thin and breach the boundaries of being annoying but is also extremely catchy. The song really is what 4Minute should’ve followed Crazy with as it literally is it 2.0 ver and it probably is the song they would’ve followed Hate with if they were still a thing. It’s a shame this had to happen to CLC as turning your disbanded label mates tribute act is really how I imagined they wanted their idol careers to pan out seeing as their last releases weren’t actually that bad but maybe this image revamp will get them some attention which can never be a bad thing. When watching the music video I could see which members of 4M CLC portrayed as I don’t know the CLC members at all it was very easy of me to do this.

This girl looks, acts and sounds so much like Hyuna in this song it’s honestly scary, kind of cool, but still scary. The way she raps is honestly identical.clcha

Overshadowed by the Hyuna of the group was the Jiyoon replacement, having her better and more iconic verses and choreography following Hyuna 2.0’s just means they unfortunately don’t get noticed.clcjy

This member really reminds me of Sohyun, following with another rap verse which is kind of unsuited due to her cute looks after Jiyoon The Second’s usually includes some embarrassing dance move in Crazy is what twerking and whipping, in this song she gets slapped on the ass. Consensually, don’t worry guys.clcsh

The Gayoon of the group following the rap verses with sweeter lighter vocals but still keeping in time with the song and looking great while doing it.clcgy

Changing the pace of the song completely with her vocal verses is Jihyun, the bonus with this girl is that she doesn’t look as awkward while doing it.clcjh

But at least the album cover is much nicer than anything 4Minute ever got so theres a bonus.



4 thoughts on “CLC Pick Up Where 4Minute Left Off With Hobgoblin

  1. Damn. They really sound like a 2.0 version of 4Minute which is sad because CUBE didn’t look to even try to save 4Minute. And here I thought they were pretty good. They were my first bias group, followed by BEG and then I discovered the treasure in T-ARA. Lol.


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