Seohyun Kills A Man In Don’t Say No

Seohyun’s highly anticipated solo (or seolo) finally drops. Not only killing it visually but she also kills a man literally.

I’ve been very excited for this debut, when it was first announced I wasn’t amazingly enthused, I was happy about it but didn’t pay much attention, but as more and more teasers started to drop my interest rose to boiling point where I just couldn’t wait anymore and now it’s finally here I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed seeing as I was worried it would be a boring ballad it’s very much the opposite. Debuting with an R&B pop dance song which Seohyun apparently requested from Mr Lee Soo Man himself. Serving Ariana Grande-esque vibes, not over do it with the harmonizing ad-libs that become more prevalent towards the end of the song they accompany the song perfectly. The instrumental proves itself to be both powerful and catchy with the finger snapping and strong piano chords throughout providing the song with flashy musical subtly bringing elements of Seohyun’s interests into the song.So, I think I have the story down. Here’s the run down.

Seohyun is just chilling in a graveyard sat on a fridge, a casual everyday activity.

seohyun1But wait. There’s two fridges in the graveyard?seohyun4She then hops into a car with her boyfriend and start cuddling and whatever because everyone knows a car is the safest place to hide from Dispatch.seohyun3Sohyun being casual then just sits on top of her car because regular chairs just don’t cut it for her now she’s gone solo.seohyun8But wait, her boyfriend very obviously cheats on her in her own car while she’s sat on top of it, just wait until Dispatch get a hold of this!seohyun7Seohyun, respectively, gets mad and starts cooking but not with food.seohyun9They then have a lovely home made meal in Seohyun’s mansion,seohyun10While she creepily watches him eat,seohyun11A chain necklace.seohyun12She then has to fold her obscenely large but amazing hat over so she can see where she’s going when she wears it.seohyun13The destination of this hat wearing occasion is the graveyard that contains only two fridges.seohyun15WHERE HA MAN IS BURIED!seohyun16The scene from the into zooms out revealing that she took ha mans socks off after killing him, they were Chanel, they can’t go to waste.seohyun18His meal of a chain necklace? POISONED!seohyun17So thats the story Seohyun being the kind gentle soul she is kills her cheating boyfriend before Dispatch get to him and released a career ending article creating a national scandal. Cute.

Seohyun also serves some great looks during this music video with some beautiful portrait shots.seohyun5seohyun14Also a part of the musical glitz and glamour giving the music video a touch of Seohyunseohyun6Also the two-tone lighting makes a featuring here being backlight by a bright spotlight causing the dance to be silhouetted, which is an effect I like very much. It would’ve been cooler if the spotlights came from the lights from the car but I guess you can’t have everything. seohyun2


5 thoughts on “Seohyun Kills A Man In Don’t Say No

  1. Did you hear one of the other songs in this album called Bad Love? I think that song has better vibes than the title track just like T-ARA’s Remember album. XD


    1. Yes I really like that song off the album but my top song off the album is Magic, Don’t Say No was good but a little bit underwhelming for some reason but Magic and Bad Love saved the album from being a ballad fest


      1. Actually, I’ve been listening to it a couple of days and you’re right, Magic does have a better note to it. Basically the album is pretty repetitive except for these two songs. I bet the title track was chosen by LSM since its an upbeat song. But her vocals are pretty solid in this album. Not bad for a first Seolo. Better than KKS’s mess for Hyomin’s first album at least. 😦


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