Hani, Solar & Luna Unite For Underwhelming Collab Single Honey Bee

Exid, Mamamoo and f(x) representatives Hani, Solar and Luna joined forces under Mystic Entertainment for Honey Bee single produced by Park Keun Tae which fails to excite me in any way.

I honestly did have the highest of hope for this being amazing after hearing the teaser for this single despite the amount of hype it received by international fans upon announcement. It doesn’t feel like the song actually goes anywhere, there’s a constant build up leading you to think something amazing is going to come after the next verse but it just doesn’t and just continues with the same-y, eventually grating, instrumental leaving a feeling unsatisfaction after listening. The way the verses are slotted together it doesn’t seem as if they’re really connected it’s just a constant rotation of Solar’s part then Luna’s then Hani’s giving an unnatural sound overall. A positive to this is the catchiness of the line “bee for the honey bee bee for the” which is a potential ear worm which is the only replay value this song has but the chorus is honesty kind of weak, if fully utilised it could’ve been the release the song desperately needs. It’s also unfortunate Hani wasn’t able to sing in a lower register that makes her voice truly shine.

Aside from the disappointment of the song the girls look amazing in the music video aside from Luna’s scary green contact lenses.

hb3hb7hb6They’re not ugly contact lenses but I’ll sleep easier at night knowing she’s never going to wear them again.hb1hb2hb9hb8hb10hb4hb5I feel like dancing on a bowling alley is some kind of major safety hazard.


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