2NE1 Bid A Final Farewell In Goodbye Disbandment Song

2NE1 conclude the past 7 years of promotions with sentimental, but not boring final ballad single Goodbye, which was is written by CL as another one of her America debut songs.

After the past 2 years of inactivity 2NE1’s disbandment was unfortunately very predictable but on the positive side, fans finally got a new song out of them even if it is their last. The song is an acoustic ballad with the CL, Dara and Bom’s voices resonating through out in turns. The video shows projections of past memories of the girls with Minzy included, despite being shunned out by YG, it’s a nice way to get closure. I was doubting weather Bom was actually going to be allowed to participate after YG used her as a scapegoat blaming her mental health as a reason for disbandment even though it contradicts literally everything he said but I guess that’s that.

Everything about 22NE1’s disbandment points to it being a company decision one that the members themselves weren’t even aware of. I hope one day the members gather together and just go ham and do a big ol’ exposé Kanye vs Taylor Swift style, via an unknowingly recorded phone call with on Kim K’s snapchat.



3 thoughts on “2NE1 Bid A Final Farewell In Goodbye Disbandment Song

    1. So do I, Bom has supposedly left YG also so why was she allowed to participate but Minzy had to find out via news articles, kind of weird, it’s not like they did any activities that solidified them as a trio or Minzy as a solo artist so what would’ve been the difference


      1. My speculation is that they had some sort of sad fall out and they’re not on talking terms? I recently read an article that CL initially wrote this song for Minzy’s farewell but things took an even weirder turn and they disbanded. 😦


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