Suzy Solidifies Herself As A Solo Artist With Yes No Maybe And Kills Two People In The Process

Suzy made her solo debut officially with Yes No Maybe which surprised me very much, I was worried if it would be a ballad fest after hearing the prerelease pretend, which I wrote about here.

Honestly, when I first listened to this song I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I instantly loved the music video but the song just did hit me so I waited a few hours to listen to it again with a clear unbiased mind and listened again. I instantly loved it. I’ve practically had it on repeat since it came out. Suzy solidified herself as a credible solo artist which may have just put the final nail in the coffin for miss A. Her voice is quite soft and airy giving a dream like quality to the song. The instrumental is quite minimalistic which is what made me question it on first listen, but then fall for it on the second the subtly of the underlying flute was a great addition adding tempo when needed. Another thing that could make people tune out is the lack of power vocals giving the song a strong build-up and climax as now they have no ammo for their “WHEN WILL YOUR FAV EVER?” tweets when the live stages come around but is that really a bad thing?

And now for a grammy deserving piece of cinematography, the music video, which hugely inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s films such as Chungking Express. I think I have the story down so here we go.

suzy_03Suzy is just chilling on a street in just a dress because as we all know, a hoe never gets cold.suzy_04Mystery Male Number 1 is just chilling too, it’s all good.suzy_08Suzy then uses the power of teleportation to get ready. What for you may ask?suzy_13A date with Mystery Male Number 1, now known as her man.suzy_10Suzy then realised she’s bored as hell so she rolls her eyes so far back they may fall out of their sockets while her man just watches in the distance.suzy_11She realises the only way to power through this incurable boredom is to get drunk, good plan.suzy_12Where did those gloves come from?suzy_20Her man then finally livens up a bit, finally, but obviously when they’re in bed.suzy_21Suzy stays bored.suzy_22Suzy gets sick of being bored and decides to play hide and seek except she doesn’t realise that just covering a persons eyes while they’re trying to count to hide from them isn’t how it works.suzy_24But wait her man is pulling a questionable face? But we just saw Suzy leaving after failing miserably after trying to reminisce with her childhood. Uh oh.suzy_25Distraught after losing her game of hide and seek Suzy gets drunk to mask the pain.suzy_26But heres her man, at the street she was at, without her, coat in hand because clearly this hoe gets cold.suzy_28Suzy’s powers of teleportation have since worn off so now she travels like the rest of us via a taxi but to where?suzy_29To have a leisurely bath with her man?suzy_30But why would she need to wash her hands if she’s just had a bath? Is she some kind of germaphobe? suzy_31A quick girl from the grudge impersonation…suzy_34AND SHE’S NOT ONLY KILLED HA MAN,suzy_35SHES ALSO KILLED HIS OTHER LOVER. You can’t wash your hands in someone else’s death water, how courteous of her.suzy_36I can’t read Chinese but I’m pretty sure this says “How Suzy sleeps at night knowing she’s just killed her man and a plus one”

The only downside to this MV is the fact that it’s TOO BEAUTIFUL, I took way too many screen shots and I couldn’t just let them go to waste so here they are. I love the whole look of this, the gritty and dull day shots yet vibrant neon night/drunk shots create such a nice contrast. I also just love the lighting  in this too paired with Suzy’s amazing visuals, it’s a masterpiece.



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