January Favourites

February is hurtling towards us at frightening speed, and so far 2017 has been pretty okay, 2016 can’t relate. Seeing as January is soon coming to an end and this blog didn’t rot after a week like most of my other hobbies do, I thought I’d tell the people who surprisingly do actually read my nonsensical writings what things consumed the majority of my time this month from music, seeing as it’s the basis of this blog, so you can all see which songs I may have slandered but secretly had on repeat and also other irrelevant things, like games, that you could continue on living your lives without knowing about but you’re polite enough to pretend to read anyway. Why am I doing this you may be asking? Because well, I don’t really have much else to do so… Enjoy!

Songs I Listened To Way Too Much This Month:

Uhm Jung Hwa – Watch Me Move

I listen to this song religiously at least once a day.

Uhm Jung Hwa – Oh Yeah

Shuffle usually plays this song after my religious encounter.

Nu’est – Love Paint (every afternoon)

These people just love paint, but only in the afternoon.

Nu’est – R.L.T.L (Real Love True Love) [one morning]

One of 2016’s best electro pop tracks right here ladies and gentlemen get it while its hot.

S.E.S – Paradise


Shinhwa – Touch

The rap verses still sound out-of-place and weird to me but it’s alright.

Seo In Guk – BeBe

An actual good R&B effort out doing some of the more terrible half-assed efforts that happened last year

Seohyun – Magic

In my opinion I see this as the best song off Don’t Say No injecting some much-needed life into all the skip worthy ballad tracks.

Suzy – Yes No Maybe

This song came out on the 23rd, the day I am writing this is the 27th, and according to iTunes I’ve listened to this song 60 times… This has a well deserved place on this list

Other Things That Have Made Me Even More Of A Mess Than I Already Am This Month

Final Fantasy XV


This game right here, consumed me, I didn’t actually play it myself because I’m A. still rocking a PS3 and B. not a millionaire. But I did watch a YouTuber/Twitch streamer Cryaotic play it. I’ve never played or watched any other Final Fantasy games before so I didn’t really know what to expect, I only clicked the video because I was really bored and had nothing else to do, I’m still undecided if this was the greatest mistake of my life or the worst. Each game exists in its own universe so none of them inter lap, kind of like how the seasons in American Horror Story work (unless the game is like pt 1 pt 2 or like a spin-off or something possibly maybe). I’ve also had no one, literally no one, to talk about this game to, (I’ve asked like 15 people and not one of them has played it or watched it, does this game actually exist, is this the Mandella effect?) so I’ve just been bottling up all my sadness, anger and happiness about this game and placing it on the shelf with all my other real life emotions which why it may be an awful decision as I’m already way past the stage of Tetris’ing these bottles to fit onto the shelf, I’m not just flinging them into my brains emotional abyss and hoping they don’t all smash, because boy that would be a big ol’ mess. But I digress I really enjoyed this game, possibly because of the story but more likely because of the chocobos and Cindy’s constant questioning “How ’bout them decals? Anythin’ you like?”. Also yes, I may or may not have cried at the ending.

If you would want to watch this game where I did the link to it is here, enjoy!

You Deserve A Drink – Mamrie Hart


I don’t normally do New Years resolutions but this year I thought why not be a moderately better person or at least 3 days this year, causing me to decide to read at least one book a month (also to start this blog!), as I keep saying I’m illiterate when ever my friends ask me to read things to get out of awkwardly and embarrassingly having to read out loud, but it slowly may be starting to come true so I had to call for drastic measures. I bought this book possibly 1 or 2 years ago, basically when ever it came out I bought it because Mamrie used to be a YouTuber that could make me laugh no matter what day it was, even though I didn’t watch her content as much I used too I thought I’d still give her my pennies in thanks for all the laughs. But due to my pure laziness illiteracy I never actually read it until now but Mamrie is honestly one of the funniest people on the internet, all the stories in this book are so crazy if it happened to anyone else I’d probably say they were lying but after following Mamrie and her videos for a few years now I can tell it’s really not. If you want to buy this book too and experience that crazy rollercoaster that is Mamrie Hart and learn to make a couple drinks while doing it then you can get the book here.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

I have been inhaling these things like a college student near cocaine. I’m surprised I’m not battling diabetes right now honestly I’ve been a mess.


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