SHINee Take Full Advantage Of The Mannequin Challenge & Rob A Casino In Get The Treasure

It’s the time of year SHINee creep back into the Japanese market this time to release their 5th full album aptly named Five which is compiled of songs they’ve released as singles through out last year original songs and of course, Japanese releases of their Korean songs.

Get The Treasure starts right out the gate with a loud funky beat which you can’t help but enjoy. The brass in the chorus gives the song a throwback feeling tying in with their Korean release of 1of1 but less dated. The only real downside to this song is the rap verses which the songs 100% could’ve done with out. The clunky cheesy English is just sort of thrown in there hindering the overall feeling of the song slightly lowering the tone. But making up for this is Key’s eyepatch, Odd Eye is a stage that always needs to be relived and now its finally got it’s immortality in an official music video, what a blessing. I really love how Onew’s voice sounds with this song his lower tone really stands out against the instrumental. I much prefer this effort over last years DxDxD which was, uh, something…

The music video pretty much does what they say in the title, they get the treasure, which is obviously a cartoon-eque diamond which is bigger than a Shawol’s ego, while everyone in the casino is conveniently doing the mannequin challenge so there’s no one to stop them, pretty genius if you ask me.

gtt1gtt3gtt4gtt6gtt8gtt9gtt10And we have liftoff.gtt11gtt12gtt14Here is a quick picture appreciation for Key’s eyepatch.gtt5gtt13gtt16


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