February Favourites

February is over (RIP), against all the odds this blog is still going strong, many things happened this month, I had the yearly birth commemoration event, but more importantly pancake day, the most important day of the year was held (today in fact!). Not that anyone cares but here are the things I enjoyed the most this month! Continue reading “February Favourites”

Hwayoung’s Guide: The Art Of Pretending To Be Determined


Hi guys it’s Hwayoung here! KPOPRHETORIC was looking for a guest writer, because let’s be honest here this blog is crustier than the tape on my rental crutches, those sh*tty reviews and T-ara apologist ‘news’ stories? No one cares you boring f*ck! So I jumped at the opportunity to finally get my story out there, and finally give this blog something worth reading by giving away my most treasured hints, tips and tricks that have fuelled my career over the past couple of years, such as effectively skimping out of practice and squeezing in time for some much-needed luxuries (because fake limping really takes it out of you!) and how to produce top quality fake tears. I’m sorry for any mistakes I make, I’ve just had my nails done so typing isn’t the easiest thing to do right now but my ‘determination’ will pull me through. Continue reading “Hwayoung’s Guide: The Art Of Pretending To Be Determined”

Hwayoung Celebrates T-ARA’s Vindication On Instagram

After whining about her bad nail art from 5 years ago, Hwayoung and her twin Hyoyoung were exposed as being a Joanne the Scammer duo, causing T-ara to gain a lot of sympathy and apologies from netizens, even though they played as big a part in the career ruining department as Hwayoung, causing Hwayoung to celebrate their long deserved vindication and the end of her career which was built on top of it on Instagram by posting a picture of a candle-filled cake Continue reading “Hwayoung Celebrates T-ARA’s Vindication On Instagram”