NCT Dream Mature Slightly In Most Recent Comeback With My First And Last

Probably the most distinct and easily recognisable version of NCT has returned with a slightly more mature sound in My First And Last compared to previous single Chewing Gum.

Although the immaturity isn’t completely gone, because that would be physically impossible giving the age of the members, My First And Last is definitely a step up. Listening to this it gave me reminiscent feelings of SHINee’s Dream Girl, due to the overall vibrancy of the song and the similarly constant funk beat in the instrumental that resonates throughout. I much prefer this type of song from NCT Dream I hope it’s a path that SM continue to go down with them. I’m also pretty sure there used to be 7 members or is this the mandela effect?

The MV is the typical boy-group-follow-female-lead-so-weird-stuff-to-try-and-win-her-over-but-in-the-end-she-chooses-someone-else-anyway-and-it-ends-with-a-shot-of-them-all-looking-sad genre, the choreography looks interesting though.


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