Former T-ara Manager Gets Sick Of Hwayoungs Crocodile Tears And Exposes Her Areum Bully Ring With Hyoyoung

This is the day T-ara fans and anyone with an acute amount of sense has been waiting for Hwayoung’s exposé.

After appearing on TVN’s Taxi and milking her victim image even more T-ara’s former manager had had the last straw, deciding to end her Oscar worth 5 year-long performance leaking threats that Hwayoung’s sister Hyoyoung had made towards Areum saying she’s going to slice her up because she distanced herself from Hwayoung after seeing her unnecessary diva-like behaviour.

Hyoyoung: Ahreum, it’s Hyoyoung.
Ahreum: Yes hi!
Hyoyoung: Ahreum, you have to be thankful and thank people when they take care of you. If you don’t want to get hit, then act properly because word spreads around fast. Don’t gossip around and act cheap. I’m really angry right now, so let’s not see each other, okay?
Hyoyoung: If I misunderstood anything, do you want to meet up and talk? Or do you want to apologize now?
Ahreum: I don’t know what you’re talking about, bu tI want to meet and talk with you. I’ve never done anything bad enough to hear words like this.
Hyoyoung: Baby, you should just go away.
Hyoyoung: I’m going to beat the dust off you at ‘Music Bank,’ so just wait.
Hyoyoung: I’m going to scratch your face so you can’t go on broadcast.
Hyoyoung: Hehehe, just you wait.
Hyoyoung: I’m not going to be a singer, so just wait. Dogs only learn when they get hit.
Hyoyoung: Stupid bitch, just wait until I catch up with you.
Hyoyoung: Okay, you’re doing a grrrrreat job at snitching.

The former T-ara manager goes on into more detail exposing Hwayoung, talking about her celebrity disease, embarrassing demands of getting a fake cast and needing a wheelchair when there was nothing wrong with her and her infamous nail art.


These texts were later confirmed to be true by both Hyoyoung, her management, again by T-ara’s former manager and also by Areum via Instagram.

Finally T-ara have justice, I don’t really think this will salvage much of whats left in Korea but with Jiyeon’s upcoming solo hopefully she’ll be able to promote without any music show injustice aimed towards her.

MBK’s receptionist Kim Dani has emerged to show her support for T-ara, so all of this proves why every other former T-ara member has left on good terms still supporting the group except the victim cosplayer.

Clink clink

Also Lizzy knew…



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