J’Kyun Releases Amazing Music Video For Hmmbbuk (Soaking) ft Cherry Coke

To be honest I’d never heard of this artist before today, this hour, in fact, I saw their music video in my subscription feed and my main basis in choosing an unknown song to listen to is how good the thumbnail looks, and judging by this thumbnail you can probably tell what kind of visual elements catch my eye, but I digress.

The song is very easy listening the combination of male and female vocals works really well together the softer, almost dreamlike, voice carrying the listener through the track delivering the chorus while the deep voice of the rapper provides a contrast to that breaking the song up keeping you interested. The main feature of this song is the music video, it’s beautifully shot, the sets used to film also display the contrasts that the voices hold together. Another aspect I like about this is the grittiness of the colours, the slight reduction of the saturation just makes for the icing on the cake. The camera work during the carefree, almost drunken seeming, choreography for this is great element, instead of just filming at one angle continuously like a regular k-pop music would do, there are a lot of shots from lower angles and the slowing of the speed works well also, all of which works well into creating something that is just very aesthetically pleasing. I’m not sure if there is a story to this music video but it looks great either way.



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