Soyou And Baekhyun Fail To Achieve A Some 2.0 With Collab Single Rain

For some reason Soyou and Baekhyun teamed together as both of their previous duet’s, Some for Soyou with Junggigo and Dream for Baekhyun with Suzy, seemed to have smashed digitally in Korea, for better or for worse.

I really didn’t want this to be a boring ass ballad, I listened to the teaser and I knew what was going to happen but I decided to repress the inevitability of it being a yawn fest and still held out hope. Why must I always be correct.

But even if Soyou didn’t achieve another smash hit with Rain at least Starship gave a Sistar member an actual nice album cover which is a never-before-seen feat. I might just download this song for the album cover.



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