Krystal & June One Kim Team Together To Release Messy Single I Don’t Wanna Love You With Sulli’s Support

Krystal and June One Kim have paired up for collab single I Don’t Wanna Love You which isn’t part of SM’s Station series or Krystal’s rumoured official solo debut.

Overall, the song is a bit of a mess, and the music video seems to be trying too hard to be aesthetic that it just looks kind of weird, it’s nice but it’s a bit too much, also the fact that it takes almost 2 minutes for the song to begin also puts me on edge slightly. But seeing as it’s Krystal she’ll get praised as being an ‘aesthetic queen’ regardless, which belongs more to the photo book images released by as opposed to the music video as the images look really great.


Sulli also seemed to attend the opening even of Krystal’s art collab which is kind of wild.




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