Taeyeon Drops Uhm Jung Hwa-esque Pre-Release Single I Got Love

Taeyeon, rather unexpectedly, released a music video for pre-release single I Got Love intended for her upcoming full solo album.

If I was told that this was an advertisement for Jewellery I wouldn’t question it for a second, SM are missing out on some major sponsorship pennies here they need to get on the phone to Swarovski and ask them if they want their logo slapped in the corner ASAP! After listening to the second teaser for this song I wasn’t very excited due to the fact the vocal tease was the chorus, which would explain why but I have been pleasantly surprised proved by the fact I’ve been listening to the song on repeat, I just wish there was an MP3 download for it. This is a really unexpected concept from Taeyeon I never thought SM would whip this style out on a Girls’ Generation solo seeing as it never bodes well for them as a group but this could prove to break the dark concept curse. The song has dreamy quality to it reminiscent of Uhm Jung Hwa’s Watch Me Move but toned down. The main thing that lets the song down is the chorus, which I thought was the pre chorus but later turned out to be not, the drop is very lacklustre and the beat is pretty much nonexistent in comparison to the more amorous verses. If you mute the chorus though the song is really good!

Another Uhm Jung Hwa-y aspect to this song is the music video, mainly the high fashion  pictorial-esque extravagant styling and the odd-looking backing dancers, as well as the actual scenes in the music video, legends inspire legendsigl7igl2igl3igl9igl8igl10I personally really like this styling the best, the blue contacts look kind of scary with the other outfits but they look more natural here. She also just really suits this look.igl1igl4igl5igl6


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