Weekly Release Muster – 13-20/02/17 Twice, BTS, KARD & some others…

Instead of boringly talking about, and reviewing these songs individually I decided to squeeze them all together into on post as I realised I don’t actually have that much to say about them, but still, want to talk about them, so lettuce begin.

Twice – Knock Knock

Twice, practically the new nations girl group, returned with another catchy hook song, to be honest Knock Knock wasn’t as much as a hit with me as opposed to their previous releases but I’m sure I won’t have a choice on whether it grow on me or not as it’ll be played everywhere nonetheless. The music video neatly tied in with the previous title track TT having the main concept be Twice wearing as many different clothes as possible and looking good while doing it, which is fine by me.

BTS – Not Today

BTS practically rerelease one of the biggest ear bleeds of last year, Fire. I wish they’d of taken their own advice and not let this see the light of day. Not today, not ever.

KARD – Don’t Recall

This is what it sounds like when you pander to an international audience. The music video would tick most people’s aesthetic box but the song just doesn’t appeal to me, it isn’t bad, but it also isn’t good.

G2 – Hymn II

This is what it sounds like when you rap over a character customization screen.

Melody Day – Kiss On The Lips

Melody Day’s best title track so far, providing a refreshing beat amongst the usual winter mid-tempo releases Kiss On The Lips provides just a slight hint of summer in otherwise dark and dreary winter days, unless you live in one of those places that doesn’t change seasons and lives in constant sunshine. Oh how I envy you.

Raiden – Heart Of Steel (ft Bright Lights)

I don’t know if this counts as a k-pop release but it was uploaded onto 1theK so it has no choice it’s being in this roundup whether it likes it or not. An overwhelming American EDM release with Bright Light’s sweet vocals accompanying the repetitively catchy instrumental. The music video was very pretty too.

A relatable feeling.twice-knock-knock_11twice-knock-knock_12twice-knock-knock_14


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