February Favourites

February is over (RIP), against all the odds this blog is still going strong, many things happened this month, I had the yearly birth commemoration event, but more importantly pancake day, the most important day of the year was held (today in fact!). Not that anyone cares but here are the things I enjoyed the most this month!


Songs I Listened To Way Too Much This Month:

Taeyeon – I Got Love

The way she delivers her first line at 0:14 looks as if she’s just sucked on a lemon for some reason but damn, that thing is sour. It’s all or nothing, if she doesn’t get this shot right first time she’ll be eating into NCT’s budget and SM wont let her continue throwing rice under the door for Tiffany in the basement, so she sucks it up (literally) and delivers that line keeping all face movements to an absolute minimum to not show just how sour that lemon really was. Ms Hwang lives another day.

Uhm Jung Hwa & Gain – Come 2 Me

Okay now this was a stage. I NEED the MP3 version. Mystic please, for once, don’t let me down.

Jessica – How Deep Is Your Love

Jessica’s next album needs to sound more like this and less like a Disney OST.

Jolin Tsai – Play

I’ve been listening to this album at least once a day on repeat. I am slightly obsessed.

Jolin – Tsai – Medusa

I only drink Pepsi and use intel from now on.

Seo In Young – Love Me

Does any one else think she looks like Sarah Paulson in the thumbnail? Just me? Okay

Seo In Young – Anymore

This song was the last time she released something good that didn’t have some unneeded mediocre male feature in it. A moment of silence please because the next time may not ever come.

Seo In Young – Lie

I know…you
are not trusting me.
You think everything
I said is crap.
I’m not liar
Seo In young

F-VE DOLLS – 짝1호

It’s like listening to T-ara

F-VE DOLLS – Blah Blah

Except the bully in this group is DIA’s manager and PD101’s lunchbox stealer Heo Chanmi.


Hyoyoung said she’d cut my face if I didn’t listen to this song.

Super Junior – It’s You

I was procrastinating watching Star Golden Bell and they were promoting this song and I’ve been excessively playing it ever since.

G-Dragon – Crayon

I don’t even know how I ended up listening to this, but I did. What a beautiful tale

Other Things That Have Made Me Even More Of A Mess Than I Already Am This Month

Gisaeng Ryung (Ghastly)


I’ve never watched a K-film before, I’ve only ever watched half of one drama because Narsha was in it and it had way more episodes than I was expecting, like 120+, I did make it up to like 80 or 90 but I just could go the full mile and finish it off. Maybe I’ll go back to it one day. But probably not. But this film is for Hyomin fans and anti’s alike, she regularly appears in the film making it great for Hyominators such as myself *possible spoiler for the next 4 lines even though this film is 6 years old it is your own fault for not watching it by now but still* and for all the many many T-ara anti’s out there it’s also good because she gets practically boiled alive after a shower scene, her feet chopped off, and scissors stuck into her eyes AND her pet hamster Coco sliced up like the common mango, probably by Hyoyoung. She has the most brutal death scene in the film and she dies TWICE. It’s pretty wild. The story is kind of hard to follow but if you’re just there to see people dying it doesn’t go more than 15 minutes with out some form of violence, usually someone getting hacked to pieces. I usually try to not watch horror because my imagination is very over active, especially at night when my irrational fear of someone breaking into my house decides to spark up, but this was pretty cool. Hyomin isn’t a bad idol actor either so her appearance in the film doesn’t make it mess either. What a bonus!

Honestly, I haven’t had many interests this month. my read-a-book-a-month thing promptly died as I didn’t own any book that interested me enough like Mamrie’s to read so I’m in a bookless limbo. Hopefully March will be more interesting because sweet Jesus this is boring.


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