March Favourites

Hi, hello, bonjour, I have momentarily returned from doing my mind-numbing FMP work, honestly, please don’t ever choose to do an arts course unless you enjoy actually writing pointless nonsense about random people’s work that you honestly don’t care abo-… Uh, anyway… March has been a pretty not great month if 2017 was a chart it would looks like this ¯¯\, but that’s just life. Anyway onto the things I liked! Continue reading “March Favourites”


For All 0 Of You That It May Concern

Hi, hello, I wont be able to post much for the next coming months (8 weeks to be exact I think that’s how long I have left I can’t remember I think I have short-term memory loss for real guys) as it’s my FMP, or Final Major Project for those of you who actually care about making money and getting a good career and don’t do a UAL art course, at college which is basically the big cheese my whole mark depends on how well I do this unit and seeing at my motivation levels I have right now are at an astounding grand total of 0.1, at a push, what very little spurts of it do I get I should be putting it into my work because honestly, I’m going to need it. Writing a 3 page analysis of one artists image, or an evaluation of just how awful your pictures is, is one of THE most mind-numbing tasks ever, especially when the majority of it is just lies, which most of my work is to be honest. I’m also not having the best of times right now and I don’t feel the greatest so my creative try hard funny wannabe juices are at a slight holt. I have a few posts in my drafts that I would like to finish, but I have no idea when they’ll be posted. After writing Hwayoung’s Guide I also realised I didn’t want to just post “news” articles and stuff all the time because it was just boring and something no one cared about which is why I stopped posting as much in the first place, but yeah. If you read this then thank you and sorry, but I will NOT let this blog die after 3 months I promise this is just a temporary postponement of writings.

Weekly Release Muster – 01-07/03/27, GFriend, BTOB, KARD and others

I know this was supposed to be released yesterday but I was deathly ill and just couldn’t form any worthwhile sentences. But now because of the chart reforms, companies release songs at 12 pm instead of 12 am which is just a pain because I don’t want to wake up at 4 am to listen to something I probably won’t like so if I miss songs this is why. Continue reading “Weekly Release Muster – 01-07/03/27, GFriend, BTOB, KARD and others”

How To Join The Hive-Mind – Netizen Edition

Ever looked at an article about your favourite k-pop idol, scrolled to the translated comment section and thought,

“Wow, the lengths these people go for the sake of Korean entertainment is truly awe-inspiring, the real troops aren’t those serving their mandatory 2-year military enlistment, but these internet dwellers. How do I become one?”?

Well, look no further! Continue reading “How To Join The Hive-Mind – Netizen Edition”