Weekly Release Muster – 01-07/03/27, GFriend, BTOB, KARD and others

I know this was supposed to be released yesterday but I was deathly ill and just couldn’t form any worthwhile sentences. But now because of the chart reforms, companies release songs at 12 pm instead of 12 am which is just a pain because I don’t want to wake up at 4 am to listen to something I probably won’t like so if I miss songs this is why.

GFriend – Fingertip

The Into The New World remixes have finally ended.

BTOB – Movie

It’s okay I guess.

Brave Girls – Rollin’

I am a sucker for the tropical house bandwagon.

K.A.R.D – Don’t Recall (Hidden ver)

An English version of a song I didn’t like that much anyway

Ovan – Girl You Deserved It

I’m not sure if I’m going to download this song and play it 24 hours a day on repeat or download it and press skip every time it comes on shuffle.

NEON – You’re Way More Prettier In The Morning Than At Night

I have found the Panic! At The Disco of the K-pop world this name is way too long and way too creepy.

Vitcon – Eyez Eyez

This is what happens when your instrumental is too loud of your vocal track which doesn’t match the song anyway.


Not the greatest song but it is an enjoyable fun song, minus the weird rap break. The edgey ass logo at the end completely won me over though.

Ra.D – Look Into Your Eyes

Angelina Sohlie takes to other peoples music videos now I.O.I is over, it’s just a shame they’re painfully boring.

DAY6 – How Can I Say

The K-pop emo stans will enjoy this.

Del.Mo – Gak (Feat. JJK)

Nice background music.


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