March Favourites

Hi, hello, bonjour, I have momentarily returned from doing my mind-numbing FMP work, honestly, please don’t ever choose to do an arts course unless you enjoy actually writing pointless nonsense about random people’s work that you honestly don’t care abo-… Uh, anyway… March has been a pretty not great month if 2017 was a chart it would looks like this ¯¯\, but that’s just life. Anyway onto the things I liked!


Songs I Listened To Way Too Much This Month


Taeyeon – Cover Up

Yes, I am one of those disgusting tropical house bandwagoners. I’m booking my spot in music rehab now. But I have been listening to Taeyeon’s album practically on repeat for the most of this month, my firm favourite tracks are Fine, Cover Up, I Got Love, I’m Ok, Time Lapse, Sweet Love and Eraser. But the one things that annoys me is how there’s Fine and also Feel So Fine like you can’t have the same adjective in two different title tracks, come on SM, get with it. But apart from that Taeyeon is emitting some real emo hours with these title tracks, is she okay?

Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance

I’ve also recently started re-listening to I Just Wanna Dance and I am still as in love with it as I was when it was first released, Tiffany really didn’t deserve all the slating she got for this album when it was easily one of the best mini albums to come out of SM last year. The concept and song choices all suit Tiffany down to a T. I’m still mad Snapchat made Tiffany accidentally be a Japanese imperialist, I want Tiffany to troll the stage again with her mismatched lip-syncing for another solo!

LiVii – Beautiful Creature

These are some real nugu hours we’re stepping into here. I don’t know if she goes by LiVii or Alice Vicious but LiVii is easier for my illiterate self to write so that’s what we’re going with. It’s another tropical house song and I think that’s all I need to say about it. But there’s a free download here which you can’t really complain about and it’s a nice song so why not. There’s also a iTunes download link here.

Justin Oh (ft Hyolyn) – Jekyll & Hyde

I really like this collab, I wasn’t a fan on the Korean version seeing as the Korean verses are much slower more like a ballad and the lack of lead up into the chorus genuinely gave me a jump scare. The music video is also gets my student photography senses tingling, it’s very beautifully shot, I have absolutely no idea whats going on, but it looks good so it’s fine, the overall look of the cinematography (not the style is it shot, just the saturation and graininess as such) reminds me a lot of Suzy’s Yes No Maybe which is another music video (and song!) I loved.

Beyoncé – Formation

I’ve finally listened to this album and I 100% understand the hype, the message this music video conveys is one that is desperately needed, I’d go further into it but it’s been done so many times and I also don’t have the brain power to type a 1000 word essay, as the amount of typo’s I’ve already had to correct thus far is pretty abysmal. This again, is another amazing music video, sharing the same look as the video prior, it really is beautifully shot, I particularly think the shot of the kid dancing shot at his eye level being framed by the officers legs is pretty amazing. Another song I love from this album is Don’t Hurt Yourself, if this was any other artist I’d include an unofficial audio video but Beyoncé has got her stuff locked TIGHT so it’s not happening, it’s kind of an odd song to listen to as the instrumental is very unusual and the mix between singing and speaking in her lyrics is what makes it such a great listen infusing emotion into her words at the appropriate moments. I also realised that if Beyoncé ever wrote me a song (not that she would ever would… But still) like this I would just off myself in an instant so I’m surprised there weren’t any missing persons announcements for Jayz after this dropped.

Starr Chen – Welcome To The Next Level Album

Starr Chen (ft Jolin Tsai) – EGO-HOLIC

Starr Chen (ft J. Sheon) – 早上PAPAPA

Starr Chen (ft Teminite) – Welcome To The Next Level

I originally just listened Jolin Tsai single but after a while I realised how much I liked it and decided to check out the rest of the album and I wasn’t disappointed. My favourite songs off the album are EGO-HOLIC, PAPAPA, Welcome To The Next Level, and Fireflies, which I couldn’t find a decent audio for without it having some awful Clubland remix type instrumental overlay over it but the album is here on Spotify if you wish to listen. The original video for EGO-HOLIC was removed and replaced with a blurred overlay due to some school uniform controversy or some other petty thing but this song just makes me want her new album even more (which is rumoured to be this year so get ready ladies and gentlebeans). I honestly have no idea what is happening in the PAPAPA music video, I suspect it is just one big innuendo but who knows honestly I hadn’t watched this video before today and well, I could’ve and would’ve continued happily living my life with out it. Welcome To The Next Level sounds like the outro to a Cryaotic video which may be why I like it and also associate it with video games, that is all I have to say.

Other Things That Have Made Me Even More Of A Mess Than I Already Am This Month


Fanart cr: c Jackie Wilson @JackieeFollows

Speaking of Mr Cryaotic I have been slightly obsessed with his live streams of Dokapon Kingdom on Twitch with Russ, Angel and Alex, the game itself is like Mario Party and some animeme RPG stuff all mixed together and being streamed by some nice fun people so what is there not to like?

EDIT: I just realised I never actually put where you can watch these streams, Cry streams them them live on Twitch on Mondays and Fridays, but to be honest I don’t know what time because of time zones, the usual, so here are the archived streams on Late Nigh V2’s channel as Twitch only archives streams for like a week or two so here are all the parts that are out now if you’d like to watch, it’s very fun, (1) (2) (3) (4) also for the most recent stream I recommend you download the Better TTV extension and enable GIF’s so everything will make sense and you will get to see the chat in all it’s glory!


And that’s all there is for this months favourites, I haven’t really been that invested in anything this month due to some real world life stuff happening but hopefully it will get better so I can provide some more entertaining content for all 1 of you that may be reading this. Also my FMP is possibly halfway done? I’m not sure, my teacher posted some kind of like weekly countdown thing but I honestly don’t even think she knows who I am so she might have me thrown out the class for trespassing if I ask her. But when it’s done this blog will rise from the ashes I am not letting it die after 3 months I promise, it WILL survive!



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