Vote For Qrillary

As Theresa May, the current Prime Minister of the UK for all you people lucky enough to not live in this crap shack, has announced a snap general election to everyone’s surprise, despite saying herself the next election would be in 2020 and not June 8th 2017, Hitler said he wouldn’t invade Czechoslovakia but here we are, so England needs a new leader. But in all honesty the current candidates just don’t seem fit enough to run the country. The leader of the Conservative party is a shape shifting lizard that no one even elected in the first place and the other is just so left-wing his own (Labour) party don’t even like him. But amongst all the anguish and torment, there is one candidate who may be able to save the UK from rack and ruin… Continue reading “Vote For Qrillary”


1 Month Catch Up Release Muster 08/03-08/04/2017 – Taeyeon, GOT7, IU & Co

It’s been a month since I did one of these and I’m procrastinating to the max right now so what an opportune time! So I’m going to go through all the songs I might have cared about that have been released in the past month, to be honest I haven’t been keeping up with much lately so there might not be much here, there might be a lot if but on top of all that please be prepared for a mess, you for some reason already weren’t. I should try putting this into some sort of comprehensible order such as chronological, or most – least popular, but I wont, they’re going to all piled into here in the order that I remember they existed in/stumbled across them, so if you’re for some reason looking for a certain song then I am sorry. Continue reading “1 Month Catch Up Release Muster 08/03-08/04/2017 – Taeyeon, GOT7, IU & Co”