1 Month Catch Up Release Muster 08/03-08/04/2017 – Taeyeon, GOT7, IU & Co

It’s been a month since I did one of these and I’m procrastinating to the max right now so what an opportune time! So I’m going to go through all the songs I might have cared about that have been released in the past month, to be honest I haven’t been keeping up with much lately so there might not be much here, there might be a lot if but on top of all that please be prepared for a mess, you for some reason already weren’t. I should try putting this into some sort of comprehensible order such as chronological, or most – least popular, but I wont, they’re going to all piled into here in the order that I remember they existed in/stumbled across them, so if you’re for some reason looking for a certain song then I am sorry.

(This is an after writing note and there were just so many songs that I lost track I am sorry, if anything this has inspired me to be more organised so hopefully they next one will be less of a disappointment.)

Taeyeon – Make Me Love You

After listening to this song, and the extra added songs… It’s very obvious why SM underpays their staff, I mean, I wouldn’t want to pay for this either!

GOT7 – Never Ever

Is JYP just trolling at this point? What did GOT7 do to hurt him so bad to not ever give them a somewhat decent song?

IU – Through The Night

The Sly Fox iljin is back let us all rejoice in hopes that she does some Sulli level trolling during her promotional period to further annoy netizens by not fitting into the box they put her in in the first place. (Let’s also hope for a song that doesn’t make your pulse rate stop completely when listening.)

I’M – Save Me

Another easy listening, but rather forgettable single from I’M (formerly Seogoong from Topp Dogg before he jet) but seeing as it’s only his second single since his debut it sounds quite good, it’s actually R&B done well, from the more tragic debut song’s that have been happening recently (is this foreshadowing?), and I honestly wasn’t expecting to ever see him again after he left Topp Dogg and did that one musical, hopefully he does well so he has enough money to throw some rice grains under the door of his former team mates dorms, maybe even slip them a couple of pennies so they can buy stuff themselves because we all know Hunus wont.

Meng Jia – Candy

I had high hopes for this song being actually good until about 25 seconds in and it all just went rapidly downhill from there. I’d say this is her worst single so far, Shinsadong Tiger’s songs seem to not be the greatest at the moment, but it does completely rip apart her Miss A image, which they did very well but the instrumental is just a loud mess, which completely overpowers the lyrics which wouldn’t be the worst thing if it was a good instrumental in the first place but it’s like 4 different song’s all pasted together, but I am still hoping she does well, and hopefully be given good songs soon.

Girls Day – I’ll Be Yours

What did they do to Hyeri’s hair? Did the hairdresser slip while doing hair and makeup? I hope she got a refund for that.

Red Velvet – Would U

The most exciting part of this was the new logo intro for Station 2, what a disappointing start to the new season.

Ten – Dream In A Dream

This is an amazing performance piece being the second installation of SM’s Station 2, it showcases the more experimental qualities Station possesses. Following Ten’s appearances on Hit The Stage this seemed to be a natural second step. The calming instrumental makes the perfect backdrop to showcase Ten’s dancing, not following a traditional song structure the repeated vocals come in occasional verses which also shows Ten’s vocal ability, I feel SM may try to make him the Taemin of whatever NCT unit he may be in. The main thing that bugs me about this is how the strength colour filtered lights make the set look kind of cheap (seeing as it was a station it probably was but you don’t want the people to know that), if the lights were just half the strength they were at giving just a gentle hint of colour on the features of Ten and the backing dancers it my have saved the quality as colour filter are also really unflattering on camera too. Also was did SM just place a random SM rookie in there, I mean, it’s obvious why, but why?

Jeon Jiyoon & Samuel Seo – Cliché

A fitting title.

Pristin – Wee Woo

I really like this song, the verses aren’t the greatest but the chorus is so catchy, I’ve only listened to it once and I feel like I already know the entire thing. I have been secretly anticipating Pristin but when they finally debuted I just kept on postponing actually listening to them until now because that’s just me. I don’t really follow many rookie groups because seeing people who are sometimes younger than me doing great things with their lives and working hard makes me reflect on my own life and just how much I’m really not doing with it so to avoid the existential crises’ I don’t get too invested, but I may be willing to cope with the crippling self-doubt for Pristin, who knows?

Solbi – How Are You

Great 80’s-esque instrumental, boring lyrics.

Moon Hyuna – Cricket Song

This could’ve just been once of those kind of nice boring ass songs that you listen to once and never touch again but you’re left feeling slightly warm because of the gentle melody, whoever decided cri-cri-criket was a good idea deserves to be fired and everyone that agreed can go with them.

CNBlue – Between Us

I don’t understand how they’re miming playing instruments to an electronic song.

Highlight – Plz Don’t Be Sad

I don’t know how I feel about this song, I guess it’s one of those songs thats just kind of there, I’ll listen to it once and never touch it again and probably forget about its existence unless I really like the group.

Seo In Guk – Better Together

It’s the generic boring kind of boring all-rounder ‘for the fans’ song.

WUTAN – 808 (ft. Don Mills)

Your usual K hip-hop, not the worst not the best, but I did listen to this whilst I was sat in the kitchen and my mum decided to turn on every appliance in a 5 metre radius so just bear that in mind.

Winner – Really Really

Winner have finally been let out of YG’s sardine tin of a basement and have managed to keep their music current and fresh but there’s something about it that makes it rather plain and uninteresting to me, but I’m not sure what. I also really dislike black and white filters, which you probably wouldn’t expect from a photography student, so that also makes the song have minus points too.

Winner – Fool

Another boring ‘sentimental’ fan ballad. But this has the better MV purely because it isn’t in black and white.

DAY6 – I’m Serious

Day6 are finally making enough money to actually have a decent music video instead of a band-in-a-box one, congrats. I also really want that astronaut spliced/half and half shirt that one guy is wearing.



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