April Favourites

Bonsoir (I wrote this at 2am, bonsoir is still allowed I will NOT change it to bonjour even if I post this at like 1 in the afternoon) ladies and gentlebeans, it is now somehow May, isn’t 2017 hurtling by at an alarmingly fast rate? I don’t like it, I am still unfortunately half assing my college work, and my deadline has been extended and therefore so has the time before I return to posting somewhat regularly, for better or for worse. I also decided this month I was going to keep a dream journal, but then I soon realised just how much I don’t dream and when I do it takes me an hour after waking up to realise I decided that I’m actually doing a dream journal so it’s not going well so far, lets hope May brings me some spicy dreams. Here are the things I enjoyed this month.


Songs I Listened To Way Too Much This Month:

Girls Generation TTS – Stay

Tiffpac Shakur for Unpretty Rapstar

Jonghyun – Let Me Out

This emo anthem make up for the rest of this album being pulse stoppingly boring.

IU – Jam Jam

The only song on this album that actually deserved an MV, but didn’t get one.

The Devil Makes Three – Old Number Seven

I just googled these guys to see what would come up in the wiki, and they kinda look like Hillbilly murders from those horror films when the young teens go out to their distant aunts country house while they’re on holiday to look after the place despite the fact they’ve never even met, throw a massive party and then that one girl is like “Brad? Is that you? Seriously Brad. This isn’t funny anymore” and then promptly gets axe murdered and everyone’s like oh snap and then the one guy falls over because they were outside for some reason while trying to run away but instead of getting back up and running they just slowly crawl for like 5 minutes to a nearby tree and then they get mutilated, and instead of just all getting in the car and driving away like any other sane humans would they try to bolt up the house instead and all end up dying, but cleaner.

Hyukoh – Wanli

The guy at 0:40 looks like he has peg legs.

Girls Generation –  Girls Generation

For some reason I listened to this again and realised just how much I actually like this song.

Lee Hae Ri – Pattern

This song gave some slight (false) hope that Hae Ri’s album might not actually be a snooze fest, that hope soon died after listening to the title track, but this pre release gave me some momentary joy that she was actually doing something very unexpected and great, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this song at first but now I appreciate it for all it’s not ballad being. Except for the beeping sounds that’s in the instrumental, it sounds exactly like the timer on my oven and has caused me to go slightly insane.

Girls Generation – Run Devil Run

Sun-Z for Unpretty Rapstar

BoA – Spring Rain

One of SM’s editing staff has discovered that with their new Windows laptop Movie Maker comes free with it, no longer needing to make another new email in the hopes of getting another free Final Cut Pro trail from Adobe.

Other Things That Have Made Me Even More Of A Mess Than I Already Am This Month

Yakuza 0

yakuza-2.jpgI have been slightly obsessed with this game Cry (obviously, as if I would actually play a game myself, disgusting) did a 24 hour stream and in this strim stram this was his game of choice and honestly, it was an amazingly glorious choice, this game, this gim gam right here is so ridiculously stupid at times (in a good way), the main story is very dramatic and intense and then the side quests are just ridiculously stupid sometimes and contains all of the games humour. In a nutshell this game is about a Yakuza (the Mafia, Japanese Edition), who gets paid to do a job that goes a little (alottle) bit wrong, and another guy with an eyepatch who runs a very successful cabaret club as a punishment (Which apparently is what the 4 Yakuza game is centred around according to Cry’s chat but idk man.), and that’s about as much of a description I can give you without spoiling it possibly, but this game is a prequel to the Yakuza series so it doesn’t matter that this is my first Yakuza game. Despite the fact Cry is 42 hours into this game and is only up to chapter 6, so if you would like to watch a very thorough and somewhat delirious play through on a YouTube archive then please binge to your heart’s content, I do very much recommend it. If I didn’t sell it enough to you there’s also cat fights, pocket car racing, soft core porn videos, arcade games, and telephone clubs, what more could you possibly want in one game?
24 hour stream playlist / pt 2 / pt 3 / pt 4 / pt 5 / pt 6

The Sims 4


In particular, Melix Plays The Sims 4, I know you’re probably thinking I’m some kind of heathen for even watching this, but it’s cute okay. I used to really like watching PewDiePie and Marzia’s videos, I’d even refer to PewDiePie on a first name basis that’s how you know it’s real, since 2012 up until maybe early 2016 where they started becoming not for me in terms of the humour and editing style so I stopped watching as regularly. But it all began like this. It was a late Friday afternoon, I had just come home from helping my friend shoot a short film for film, seeing if Cry had any inkling to play Outlast 2, it was no dice, so to Kaceytron I went, searching through her most recent streams for the times she first played Outlast 2, a stream titled ‘coolest girl on twitcha nd im single‘, came to my rescue, I’m watching this stream on the VOD so I skip to 1 hour 4 minutes and 51 seconds, the Outlast 2 title screen appears, my excitement rises, Kacey’s stalling tactics begin, she’s very good at this, she notices a typos and decides to tweet it to the developers telling Red Barrels to take it off the market, little did I know I would also share this feeling of distaste. 50 minutes pass, 15 of those containing actual gameplay. I realise I’m not into this game as I think I should be, “It must be Kacey’s way of streaming, I don’t feel like I know whats really happening, possibly due to the fact we spent at least 5 minutes adjusting the gamma trying to look up Jesus’ skirt, I’ll come back to this play through later. Thanks Kacey but I’m going to look else where first, see you on the flip side” typing in youtube.com/pewdiepie as I pondered. Hovering my mouse over a video titled ‘Outlast 2 – Part 1 – SO HYPED FOR THIS‘ my excitement for this game rose yet again, “This is it, this is the kind of let’s play I needed” I exclaimed to myself. 15 minutes 32 seconds past, I reached the same part of the play through Kacey had gotten too in her stream, just in a shorter amount of time. And I realised just how uninteresting this game is no matter who is playing it in comparison to the first one, despair fell across my entire being. “What was I to do now?” I questioned, “My entire afternoon is ruined, and to an even further extent so is my life now, what can I do now to save myself from this upcoming eternity of boredom, should I just end it all? What is there to carry on surviving for? maybe I should visit my old haunts, as a final farewell.” I tried listening to music but there’s only so many times you can listen to the same 9 songs on repeat without losing the will the live even more. So I opened my incognito tab, my kpoprhetoric WordPress dashboard glimmered against the dullness that my life was becoming, (I have to open it in an incognito tab as I had a WordPress for college too that I didn’t know the password for so logging out wasn’t an option.) ‘continue writing Vote For Qrillary‘ lit up in the top right corner like when Jesus walks through doors on TV shows, “This would be the end to my purgatory” I mistakenly thought, I proofread the article for the 1000th time, “But why should the people vote Qrillary?” was a question that was running heavily on my mind. This wasn’t the sweet relief I was hoping it would be. To my YouTube subscriptions I went. A video titled ‘Hello, Tuscany.‘ uploaded by Marzia, who had changed her screen name from CutiePieMarzia which was news to me making me realise just how long it’s been since I watched a video of hers, caught my attention, possibly due to the ominous full stop the title included. It was a vlog of her and Felix’s vacation in Italy visiting her family, making my realise how nice and peaceful Felix is when he’s not in his PewDiePie mode. This is when I recalled a let’s play series on Marzia’s channel, Melix Plays The Sims 4, “Why not?” I proclaimed “I have nothing else worthy to do with my time anymore, whats the harm in trying? Maybe this will put an end to my seemingly never-ending purgatory of boredom” harbouring slight worry that this may push me further over the edge as The Sims play through’s can be hit and miss entertainment wise and a miss could be detrimental to my current wellbeing. Success! I was enjoying myself! The feeling of boredom was slowly decreasing! I continued on binge watching the remaining 4 parts, leaving me wanting to actually reinstall Origin (a sentence that has never been said before) and play myself. But thinking of the pain it would put my laptop through I decided against it. Instead turning to watching the Dan and Phil play The Sims 4, which is a series I pick up and leave off every couple of months, trying to look past the fact that they’re now just capitalizing off their relationship causing their 15-year-old fan base into Phan shipping maniacs throwing their money at anything they do as a couple turning Dan and Phil into more of a brand than a friendship, this time almost 9 parts had been uploaded since I last checked. Result! I continued to watch 6 episodes, on and off, taking regular breaks to keep my sanity at a somewhat balanced level.


But I digress. That’s all for the things I care about this month, that I can think of. I really do think I have short-term memory loss, but that’s a story for another day, or maybe next month. Bye!



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