May Favourites

Merry June ladies and gentlebeans, this post is slightly late but for good reason, well for me at least it really doesn’t affect you in the slightest but still, I have finally finished my college work. The hand in date was the 5th so I really didn’t have the time to post this any sooner as I was cramming in work I should’ve done months ago into 5 days. So hopefully I will also be able to post more, I’m not really sure what the kind of stuff I want to write yet as doing the news/review stuff was boring and horrifically generic, you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re just an imitation allkpop. I was literally just Quorn allkpop slightly less harmful but just as bland.
I really want to write more things like Hwayoung’s Guide and Vote For Qrillary, those were things I felt genuinely excited by writing which both came to me when I was just playing around on Photoshop. I have no idea how I managed to delve that deep from what originally started out as me just trying to improve my editing skills to writing an actual book intro but these things happen just my dudes. I don’t know how often I’ll post but hopefully it will be several times a month. I may still do reviews for songs I really like or can easily troll with but yeah. Now onto the thing that is the title!may-favourites

Songs I Listened To Way Too Much This Month:

Suzy – Yes No Maybe

For my college work I used this video as part of my research because I really do just love it. I may post the analysis I did later in the month but it will have to be after I get my results back so I don’t get arrested for plagiarizing my own work.

SHINee – View

For some reason I decided that this month I would listen to Odd on repeat for an unsettling amount of times. I can confirm View really is still THAT song.

Odd Eye – SHINee

This stage really had me whipped back in 2015.

EXO-CBX – Ka-ching!

This song is awful, its honestly an abomination and I hate myself for listening to it but I just can’t stop.

BoA – Girls On Top

Do you need the money? I pay you!

BoA – Copy & Paste

What a woman.

Taemin – Press Your Number

His eyes look real buggy in those contacts.

Diamond Zhang – It’s Love (Electronic Version)

I have no idea what the un-electronic version sounds like.

Other Things That Have Made Me Even More Of A Mess Than I Already Am This Month:


rip summer

The eternal winter has begun. (I mean in the UK it practically is alway in an eternal winter but still…)


6-ara had their final concert, Hyomin and Jiyeon did an awkward but cute Trouble Maker stage, Soyeon and Boram said deuces to MBK, and now they’re having a comeback as basically T-ara N4 but with Qri (who actually speaks now? weird.) with a song that sounds actually decent, and teaser pictures to match, kinda. Except that one I suspect MBK’s full-time receptionist Kim Dani unceremoniously did in MS Paint.
But I’m so glad Tiamo is ready to never be spoken of again. But I think my favourite part of the teasers is how MBK combined both the Korean and Chinese versions of the teasers and put it into one video but still posted another separate video calling it the Chinese ver and just swapping around the order the two clips show in. That’s some next level trolling going on right there. Kim Dani really has had ENOUGH!

And so have I. Fin.


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