T-ARA Have An Identity Crisis With What’s My Name?

Only 7 hours after the original 6 pm KST release at 01:44 am MBK’s receptionist, Kim Dani, accidentally sits on the upload button after scurrying to eat her daily ration of 3 rice grains finally releasing the Music Video to YouTube.

T-ara have finally returned, after being vindicated from the Hwayoung scandal Korea is seeing them in a new light, repressing all the petty death threats and disbandment demands and instead, cheering for them like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, this comeback is taking place without Boram and Soyeon due to contract expiration, but on the bright side with a solid title track as opposed to the scrapped DIA debut song that was Tiamo. T-ara fully embraces their old age, singing about their new-found short-term memory loss causing them to lose all recollection of the names they were once called by, Eunjung taking her crisis public to Instagram.



Despite all the jokes I was very excited for this comeback. Even if Hyomin does sound like an Alvin and the Chipmunks version of herself, but is it really a good T-ara title track if you can distinguish who is who? Slightly riding the Tropical House bandwagon T-ara brings back the EDM which has become their signature style in the later years. And look amazing while doing it.

Eunjung-Whats-My-NameJiyeon-Whats-My-NameQri-Whats-My-Namehyomin-whats-my-name-4.pngAlso congrats to Hyomin for managing to give the saddest bike ride since Lance Armstrong was exposed for doping.Hyomin-Whats-My-Name-3Showing energetic and lively choreography for both What’s My Name and Reload, its honestly for the best Soyeon isn’t here, she honestly would’ve died. I don’t think she’s ever moved this much since the Lovey Dovey and Cry Cry dance practices. An alive Soyeon is better than a dead one.

Another great thing that spawned from this showcase was Qri displaying the highest level of Qri Doesn’t Care.Qri-doesnt-care

This woman has got places to BE.

Here are some more pictures of Hyomin looking better than I ever will, just because I can.


I may post a full album review of What’s My Name in the not so distant future so get excited for that, or don’t honestly I don’t mind.


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