Songs That Were Released This Week That I Cared Enough To Listen To #2

It’s dawned on me that I’m very quickly going to run out of pictures of idols posed in front of computers. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself. There’s only so far 50 google searches of t-ara holding computer, snsd laptop, hyomin computer, qri laptop and sulli trolling can get you. So if anyone has any pictures suitable for me to Photoshop into please send them my way for my backlog. It will be very much appreciated.


T-ARA – What’s My Name

I gave an individual ‘review’, the word review used lightly as it’s really just a written stream of consciousness it really makes no sense at all, of this song here. But I was extremely satisfied with this album the title track falls on the more generic side following the tropical house trend in comparison to the rest of their discography. I also like how instead of evenly distributing Soyeon’s lines between the members for re-recording they just lumped them all on Hyomin and hoped for the best.

T-ARA – Reload

A standout song from this album is Reload, an 80’s throwback sound is a concept T-ara know well, making Reload a track that’s on par (or even superior in some peoples eyes) to the title track.

T-ARA (Hyomin) – Ooh La La

This has to be the most atrocious item of clothing I’ve ever seen Hyomin wear.

T-ARA (Qri) – Diamond

Talent always wins.

Vinicius – Easy

This year’s Station 2 songs have been relatively underwhelming, with the exceptions of Ten’s Dream in a Dream and BoA’s Spring Rain, this time experimenting with the R&B side of things SM continue to add to the disappointment with this rather boring track.

NUPLAY – Closer (ft. DMEANOR)

We’re stepping into some real nugu hours here.

Pentagon – Critical Beauty

Pentagon had their comeback now the crack addict and the other guy returned from promoting Hyuna & the Hyunettes. Critical Beauty has a unique sound especially against the tropical house wave that’s currently dominating the scene, mixing 1950’s rock and roll with electro swing, it has all the making for an outstanding song but unfortunately, falls flat with the lack of nothing really happening at.

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

Limitless and Firetruck quickly became guilty pleasures for me after shaking the jarring initial first impressions, Chery Bomb seems to be falling short. The obnoxious meme-worthy lyrics of ‘I’m the biggest hit on this stage’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’ in a song that takes itself as seriously as this one does it isn’t a great mix. The vocal elements continue to prove themselves as being the strongest elements when given the opportunity to show themselves around the immense rap verses almost making it sound like a completely different song altogether.
A notable song from this album is Summer 127, reminiscent of SHINee’s View and the more American vibes of Tiffany’s I Just Wanna Dance album, Summer 127, in my eyes would’ve made for a better title track. The verse at 2:25 is a beat that revamps the song when it starts to get stale being a beat that could definitely be heard in a nightclub somewhere.


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