Top 5 Songs From The 1st Half Of 2017

The first half of the year has quickly bypassed us, 2017 has honestly been very underwhelming with a vast majority of this year’s releases being practically indistinguishable due to the tropical house wave that’s knocked producers head over heels. A few stand out tracks have managed to catch my attention and saved me from a music-less purgatory.


Lee Haeri – Pattern

This is quite possibly the most unexpected song of 2017. I did a full review (I think) here. Haeri actually delivered something that wasn’t just some yawn fest of a pre-release ballad. The minimalistic beat and constant build up to the chorus are just a few elements of what makes this song just amazing. The beeping in the middle still gets me thinking it’s my oven every time.

IU – Jam Jam

The fact that this song got a teaser but no official MV still stresses me out to this day. I honestly feel cheated.

Hyukoh – Wanli

I loved Hyukoh’s 23 album, and not just because one of the songs is called Jesus lived in a motel room, Wanli being a standout song which I reviewed (kind of) here. Everything about this track is perfectly amazing, from the music video to the instrumental to the vocals.

T-ARA – Reload

Reload truly is the superior song group off What’s My Name. I did a full review here. From the visuals to the song overall, the throwback vibes of this song cater to the sounds that made T-ara so great. After reconsideration, I now believe this should’ve been the title track.

Suzy – Yes No Maybe

I’ve listened to this song so much it’s overtaken Miss Hwang as the most-played song in my iTunes library. I did a full review here. I love everything about this song, the music video is just so beautifully shot I just couldn’t help but fall in love with it, I even used it as research for my college work (which I will be posting at a later date). The song, to me, just sounds so different to other songs I’ve heard in the past that I couldn’t stop pressing replay. I didn’t expect to enjoy this release from Suzy so much, it makes me kind of sad how overlooked Yes No Maybe really was.

Honourable Mentions

Here are some runners-up songs that I may have been slightly obsessed with but in the end, they just didn’t make the cut. Maybe next time my dudes.

 Jonghyun – Let Me Out

Taeyeon – Cover Up

Full review

Seohyun – Magic

Full review

S.E.S – Paradise

Full review.


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