June Favourites

June has been a month of drug scandals, ICU’s, members leavings and the end of free education forever for me. So it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least! I think this blog is the only thing that’s going o keep me literate this summer.


Songs I Listened To Way Too Much This Month:

Heize – Don’t Know You

I’m extremely disappointed that the 14 ways to lose your teddy bear isn’t actually the track list for the album.

BoA – Camo

Miss BoA, stylised as BoA not Boa, boa, BOA or bOa is BACK and I am excited.

Red Light – f(x)

I miss seeing Sulli’s half-assing on stage.


I’ve been listening to a lot of T-ara this month, like an uncomfortable amount I checked my last.fm and it had counted 535 plays which I don’t think is healthy.

Bo Peep Bo Peep

With a song called Bo Peep Bo Peep it’s very expected that it’ll follow the formula hook songs can often fall into of being obnoxious and annoying, even I expect it to so I tried to avoid listening to it as often as I could, until one day my eyes were suddenly opened. And I truly realised what I’d been missing out on all this time. Also “Don’t lose your temper so quickly” cured my anger management problems.

I Go Crazy Because Of You

We love Korean Britney

Cry Cry

Feel like pure shit just want drama MV’s back x
Also, I’ve obviously been listening to the What’s My Name album as a whole which I’ve mentioned a few times already this month so you can read what I said about there here and here.

NCT 127 – Summer 127

This really is such a better song than Cherry Bomb.

Other Things That Have Made Me More Of A Mess Than I Already Am This Month:

Superstar SMTOWN


I’m going to be real with you all right now, the only way I’ve known what day it is for the past 2 months is because of this game and I wish I was just saying this to be funny.



Having their first comeback after being freed from their Hwayoung shaped burden, if you’ve only just ventured out from under the rock you’ve been living under first the first time in months, or you’ve not had an internet connection for the past 5 years then I previously wrote about it here, it was kind of tense to see the public’s reaction to them, and also how professional woman-hater Netizen Buzz would translate the reaction to them. But somehow, without seasoned hackers the entirety China hacking their way into the mainframe, they actually won number 1 on The Show. Usually, music show wins are pointless and don’t mean anything. They’re honestly pointless. Imagine waking up to the screech of an alarm clock at 4 am after finally drifting off at 2, being forcefully ushered into a van with you other 5 sweaty bed bug ridden teammates to be carted to a salon, where you’ll sit lifelessly for 3 hours while some rando fiddles with your hair and slams some makeup onto your crusty eye bags, which have become so sleep neglected they themselves have their own bags, and they are NOT Gucci, just to dance for 3 minutes on a tiny little stage that probably only 7 people are watching at home, singing 8 words, or even worse just horse whispering over a prerecorded vocal track, just in the hopes of winning a little plastic trophy which you’ll probably have to return a week later to give to someone else. So this wasn’t really about the trophy loan, it was more a bittersweet moment of finally being forgiven by the public, (for something they made up but still) and not having their win fixed, which has happened multiple times before, it was also a moment where we saw what would’ve been. It was very emotional seeing as they just cried for 4 minutes straight while the hosts were trying to get some kind of speech out of them but instead they just got sobs. But the most important part of this experience was the self-diss they did on SNL.

And this picture of Hyomin.



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