Songs That Were Released This Week That I Cared Enough To Listen To #4

Another week another bunch of releases


BoA – Camo

My favourite part of this song was this reply to the tweet announcing her comeback on the SM Town twitter page.

lol.pngPretty good debut song if you ask me.

Lee Hyori – Seoul

This song is very hit and miss, for me, it’s miss, maybe I had set my expectations too high for this comeback, and I should lower them imminently. Or maybe (hopefully) this is just the generic k-pop lacklustre pre-release track.

Taemin – Flame of Love

Did Taemin’s entire costume department fall into a shredder before filming? Did they not have enough time to buy some replacements so they just had to hope for the best?

Apink – Five

It’s kind of like Luv except they messed it up a bit and made it slightly worse.

Heize – Don’t Know You

I’ve never really listened to Heize before so this song has left me pleasantly surprised. The rap verses sound quite out-of-place against the soft calming vocals and backing track so it was quite jarring on the first listen but it quickly grew on me, and I’ve had this song on repeat since.

Hyolyn, Kisum – Fruity

This doesn’t really make me want to drink Lipton Tea.

UP10TION – Runner

When will the tropical house trend die. I’m begging you producers and CEO’s alike, for the sake of half decent music, please let it end. Just scrap those demos you have titled ‘poor-company-rookie-boy-group-summer-comeback.mp3’ that are littered around the files of your computer because the odds are they all sound like an MBK remix of the same song, and the world doesn’t need it, we’ve already probably heard that song anyway from the other 80 comebacks and debuts that have happened in the past week, we don’t need it. Please listen to my plea.

LOONA Jinsoul – Singing in the Rain

This song is a bit of a mess.


5 thoughts on “Songs That Were Released This Week That I Cared Enough To Listen To #4

  1. This article is not accurate: that girl who made it look like she thought camo was boa’s debut song, was mexican, and in her little expertise at the language, she used the wrong words to express herself. Please do a little bit of research before you post something. Check yourself before you shrek yourself. I love your blog xoxo
    – slime man


    1. This article is literally just a 319 word shitpost nowhere do I say this is going to be accurate or in fact interesting, I have disclaimed that this site is pure trash, I did do research because I first had to find the screenshot which is why it’s so janky and blocked her name out. I saw she did apologise (bless her) and posted a screenshot of text which was in Spanish but as I’m one of those awful people that only knows one language I had no way to try and translate it so thank you for telling me, assuming that’s the just of what it says, I just posted it because I still thought it was funny and other people shared a similar thought to hers. Thank you xoxox
      – kpoprhetoric


  2. I feel better when I know I am not the only ready for the “tropical house” trend to die. I was really looking forward to UP10TION’s release and I would have been much happier if it was a different style.
    And your comments on Taemin’s wardrobe made me laugh. The song was pretty good though. Nothing like Sayonara Hitori but he is sticking to something that works for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tropical house has really taken over kpop its worrying, I’m starting to wonder if it will ever die it’s been a trend for so long, and I thought the same thing about Flame Of Love, it’s not as dramatic and captivating Sayonara Hitori but trying out new directions that work for him is never a bad thing I guess.


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