The Story Behind: Lee Hyori’s Black

Lee Hyori had her highly anticipated comeback with the song Black and the Music Video seemed to hold some deeper, hidden, cryptic messages, so I decided to expose and debunk this story so you don’t have to. I actually intended on birthing this series with Taeyeon’s Fine MV but it never saw the light. So round two commenced with Hyuna and the Hyunantors’ 365 So Fresh MV but it fell to a similar fate. Let hope this post gets to taste the fresh WordPress air.


LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-01The sun has risen on Lee Hyori’s Jeju island shack after leaving Seoul, LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-02Water has become precious than gold, is it more precious or less? I hope this unsolved mystery gets its own Ancient Aliens conspiracy episode.
LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-03Wake up in the morning feeling like a persona, LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-04Grabs her flannel, she’s out the door; she’s gonna hit the desert,
LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-05Before she leaves, brushes her teeth with three drops of water,
LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-06‘Cause when she leaves for the night, she’ll probably have to be back,LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-08.pngShe’s talking, driving past her hose, hose, just trying to wash her clothes, clothes, ’cause Dispatch found her home, home, lethargically, leaving all her CD’s, wishin’ for a new life, trying to get a little bit privacy.
LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-18.pngThis doesn’t have anything to do with anything but this is what it would look like to be run over by Lee HyoriLEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-19.pngHit-and-runs aside, she finally arrives after inconveniently driving past her own tap, Lee Hyori drives several miles out her way to fill up a singular water bottle, LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-20.pngand not even to the top, this just screams unnecessary hindrance, she is NOT getting her recommended 8 litres a day. I am honestly shocked she doesn’t look like Mary’s Mother from SpongeBob.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-21.pngOh no. Did she hear me?LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-23Phew! On her water quest she saw a dog, who was dehydrated,LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-24 he looked at her with this vacant stare but with a sense of endearing hope as if to say, LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-25you know despite our differences you and I are one, we’re kindred spirits, LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-26.pngand then she just poured water, EVERYWHERE.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-28.pngAnd then got possessed real quick. The dog wasn’t lying about being one.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-29.pngHyori doesn’t seem to care though, she’d rather focus on the carefree nature and happiness the dog gives to her.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-37.pngBut she really should show some concern though ’cause this dog just stole her car,LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-38.png and it is NOT looking back!LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-39.png“Damn for having no opposable thumbs this dogs a better driver than me”.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-43.pngIgnoring all premonitions, Hyori decides to invite the dog into the car anyway. At least she’ll have a chauffeur when it all starts to hit the roof.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-44.pngAfter driving 100 miles out-of-the-way she decides to refuel for her next journey in 30 minutes because of the obscenely tiny amount of water she collected. But surprise surprise the refuel station is abandoned and out of water. But wait, what’s that in the distance? Is it… A-a clown?LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-45.pngShes goin’ start actin’ crazy too lol throw him off a little bit.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-47Clowns successfully scared off, she gives the dog all the water she travelled so tirelessly to obtain.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-48And after her 8-hour drive and singular sip of water, Hyori goes to Kesha herself up, but what’s that noise? The dog is up to something, has the premonition come true already and the dog has started hotwiring her ride? She glances over to the scene of the crime.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-49Wait,LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-50 This dog might just be onto something,
LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-53She finally got to bathe.LEE-HYORI-BLACK-MV-SC-54

So long story short in case you didn’t get that, I mean, how could you not? My writing was very clear and concise, Miss Hyori had had enough of her current lifestyle having to live behind the facade of her job, longing to feel happiness. But after finding joy, in the dog and the water, it gave her the ability to smile and be happy like she desired. And that’s that.


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