T-ARA’s 8 Best Singles In 8 Years

Today, July 29th marks 8 years since T-ara plagued the nation's children and destroyed their innocence with their bullying antics. Being a group with one of the more solid discographies amongst others in K-pop T-ara now rule China with their releases. So to celebrate 8 years since their debut I decided to make a small list of their 8 best singles in 8 years, this took a lot of deliberation as they really do have so many good songs, I really have missed out so many great songs, if only T-ara was 18 years in instead so I could fit them all in, but I finally made up my mind (kind of), so here it is… Continue reading “T-ARA’s 8 Best Singles In 8 Years”

Songs That Were Released This Week That I Cared Enough To Listen To #5

The time of the week where I either majorly digress or half assidly review songs has reared it’s ugly head! I didn’t review many this week as the title implies, I didn’t really care that much. But I also didn’t have time as I was surprisingly busy this week, subsequently causing me to be unintentionally abstaining from listening to music, so I haven’t been able to keep up with the millions of releases that were thrown at us this week (this is also the reason why this is going to be uploaded slightly late too, sorry!). Continue reading “Songs That Were Released This Week That I Cared Enough To Listen To #5”

Top 5 Songs From The 1st Half Of 2017

The first half of the year has quickly bypassed us, 2017 has honestly been very underwhelming with a vast majority of this year’s releases being practically indistinguishable due to the tropical house wave that’s knocked producers head over heels. A few stand out tracks have managed to catch my attention and saved me from a music-less purgatory. Continue reading “Top 5 Songs From The 1st Half Of 2017”